Oil palm plantation in Bogor, Indonesia. Photo by a_rabin/flickr

Deforestation in Indonesia is an old tale. People know the rate keeps increasing, but they’re not quite sure why. Some blame the oil palm and pulp and paper plantations, but not everyone is convinced. While various studies suggested that oil palm plantations are obvious culprits of deforestation, others attempt to show otherwise. Recent media reports in Indonesia cited a study suggesting that oil palm does not drive deforestation since the plantations were not converted from forests - which is somewhat misleading. Critics fault pending legislation on palm oil as overly lenient on big companies and a potential threat to forest sustainability. To help clarify this heated debate, we analyzed data from Global Forest Watch to show that 55 percent of forest loss occurs inside legal concession areas, where removing trees is allowed to some extent, but 45 percent of forest loss took place outside legal concession areas.  

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Climate disaster emoji set. Image credit: Sara Dean, co-creator and assistant professor at the California College of the Arts; Beth Ferguson, co-creator and assistant professor at the University of California, Davis; Bo Peng, graphic designer

Jakarta, Indonesia, is regularly devastated by flooding. When disaster hits, Twitter has emerged as a powerful platform for communication, coordination among residents and emergency responses with the hashtag #banjir — the Indonesian word for flood.

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Indonesia is preparing strategies to face climate change conference in Bonn. (Skala)

JAKARTA - The Government of Indonesia through the Directorate General of Climate Change Control starts preparing a strategy for the implementation of the Conference of The Parties (COP)-23 of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bonn, Germany, November 6-17, 2017.

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