FRANKFURT AM MAIN: Buffeted by scandals and threatened by driving bans, diesel has become the bete noire of the auto industry. But as the second anniversary of ‘dieselgate’ approaches, is the engine of choice for millions of European drivers really in its death throes?

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Production of high-quality coffees such as Arabica are at risk as a result of rising temperatures and changes in the bee population. AFP file photo

WASHINGTON: Climate change is threatening the Latin American zones most favorable for growing coffee, according to a study out Monday that warns seed production could drop by nearly 90 percent by 2050.

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Politics aside, it’s time to get serious about adaptation.

People wait to enter the Germain Arena, which has served as a shelter from Hurricane Irma, on Saturday in Estero, Florida. Even as economic losses from disasters have risen, the number of human lives lost has dropped.

Over the span of just weeks, two of the nation’s most population-dense regions began a long and difficult road to recovery. Houstonians have already launched their extensive process of rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey, and Floridians are just starting to return home to assess the devastation wrought by Hurricane Irma. In the same period, wildfires continued to scorch the Western United States, Mexico’s most powerful earthquake in a century struck just off its southern coast, and monsoons persisted in their deadly deluge of parts of northern India. As we seek the best way to offer assistance, we’re also considering how we can prevent suffering and loss from natural disasters like these in the future.

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